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 As a woman losing my hair was the hardest things I had to go through.  It’s what defines you and makes you feel beautiful.

I went out and bought myself wigs, scarves, beanies and anything I could get my hands on just so I could cover my head and try look nice.

I found the wigs to be far too hot and itchy and the beanies made me look like a granny.  As for the scarves……well they simply don’t stay on your head if you don’t have hair and having to constantly readjust them when you out in public is not only embarrassing but also annoying.

 My sister then came to the rescue and sent me these specially designed scarves from overseas.  This was my saving grace and ended up being what I lived in for the rest of my treatment…………………………….

Not only are they soft and comfortable to wear but they also look stylish and make you feel elegant. The cotton band is attached to the scarf and is easy to put on and stays on!!!  With the matching tie back you are then able to tie it back and put it in different styles of your choice.

I have them made locally and source the fabrics myself, always looking for stunning combinations to try suit all tastes.  


I really hope you find something in my range that appeals to you. If not please do not hesitate to contact me personally so I can see if I am able to assist getting the look you desire.